[Q&A]: Engraved Dog Tags For Pets

When we purchase engraved dog tags for pets, we want to know how these engravings are done and how we can take care of them. There are many things we can do to make sure that the engravings will last. Also, there are ways to prevent your pet dog tags from tarnishing. To help you with these issues, we will give you the best answers that we have gathered.

Question 1: How is the dog id tag engraving done?

Answer: Engraved pet id tags are available online. You simply send the message you want engraved on your dog’s id tag to the vendor who will provide you with details that will help you in the designing process. These can be done by hand or with the aid of an engraving machine. Each method will give you varied results. Ask the seller to show you samples in each method to be able to know which result you would like more.

Question 2: Will the engraving wear off fast?

Answer: Engravings are to be done by the professionals to assure the customers with long-lasting engravings. The metal surfaces are to be cut deeply so that the engravings will be clear enough to be seen from afar and as well as to make sure that they will be excellent for a long time. Your engravings should also be done on a custom dog tag of good quality. Be certain that you purchase one from trustworthy sellers such as 4Paws.

Question 3: In what way can we clean the dog id tags?

Answer: Cleaning your dog id tag can be done in many ways. We can use a soft cloth to rub off the dirt. Rubbing hard will make your personalized dog tag clean and shiny. But take note, you must not use rough or textured cloths because it can scratch the name tag. This is also to prevent the tags from looking rustic, which is not the kind of look you want your pets to have.


Question 4: How can we store the pet id tag?

Answer: Storage is an important aspect in taking care of your pets accessories. Custom dog tags for pets will retain their quality for a long time if you keep it on a good collar. Keep it away from the sun and acid when your pet is not wearing it to prevent it from tarnishing.

Custom dog tag engraving is affordable and today loads of pet professionals have specialized machines to inscribe your beloved pets name cheap and quickly. You can read more about dog tag engraving and the machines they use here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_engraving